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The Catoctin Banner

Updated: Dec 3, 2019


Nicholas DiGregory

The Emmitsburg Tattoo Company is somewhat of an anomaly, insofar as tattoo shops are concerned.

In terms of appearance, the storefront is clean, sleek, and inviting—an image that is supported by the shop atmosphere itself.

While the inside of the shop is decorated with many items and images that befit any reputable tattoo shop, the walls are also adorned by police and military stickers and memorabilia. A large section of the wall is covered in fliers and business cards of local businesses, and a hefty plastic jar sits on the counter for donations to local charities.

As soon as you meet co-owner and tattooer Don Sonn, you understand why the Emmitsburg Tattoo Company is the way it is. As tattooers go, Sonn is a little bit of an anomaly, too....

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